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Hi, I’m Einav Segal, the face behind Berry Hunting - Creative Photography and Design Production Services.

I’m a photographer, artist, and visual content creator.


The essence and goal of my work is to make every brand shine.

I create unique content for companies, business owners, and products.

I work together with each brand to understand their direction and business needs.

Through this process I tailor a visual branding concept specifically for each client.

Do you already have an idea?

Great, together we will transform it into visual language.

My specialty is producing immersive and meticulous photo shoots where I turn your idea into reality and create visual content that tells your story.

I bring everything that is needed for a high quality production- styling, equipment, set design, and lighting - it's all on me.

In the final stage, I edit and process the results so that they can be used on any platform.

During my work process, I am constantly observing and testing how to bring out the maximum potential, how to extract the beauty, uniqueness, charm, and the light of each unique product.


I’ve learned that through visual storytelling it can shine and become a magnet reaching those that will most benefit from and connect to your brand.

I build a concept and a story that is told through the many details- location, backgrounds, textiles, lighting, tools, and all of the accessories that accompany the photoshoot.

But even more important than any physical props or equipment, I bring my professional perspective; the knowledge of how to best choose the angles and compositions that create a full picture. From a single product, suddenly a world is created.

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